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20 June 2009 @ 04:42 am

I hate bad days so much. I hate bad weeks more. And this was so one of them.

Started work this week, started out okay, just like everything else. But then RAWR. Haha. Yeah. That.

I'm not going to complain about work, because I'm really in no position to. But working on Saturdays makes me sad. =( Haha.

Then - things happening. BLAH.

And then more things happening!

Well okay, today at least - stupid, stupid store didn't have the July Edition of Duet anymore =( Made me so sad! I really wanted a copy, it was DEATHGLARE!Sho. Sigh. They were out of them. And there are apparently no other stores in Hong Kong that sells them (if anyone knows... not that anyone reads this... please tell me... Haha. ><")

Anyway, I'm going to sulk, or watch Yamada Taro, because that always makes life better =D
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07 June 2009 @ 07:38 am
I've been meaning to update for a while, but surprise, surprise - I'm lazy. Heh. ><" I've also been meaning to update my icon journal over at lostsock_icons, but wanted to make more icons and have a large batch before I update (though I do have a wallpaper plus a FO banner, but I don't know). And since I've been lazy, that hasn't really gone over well. It doesn't help that my internet's been going totally bonkers. I also know I was going to do an Ashita no Kioku entry, but I didn't (clearly -______-" haha). It's just I was going to upload caps and stuff, but my internet hates me recently, and it's just kind of hasslesome. But maybe I'll do it, eventually. Since I do adore the PV.

I've seen scans for the new Wink Up, it features Nino this month for Arashi's 10th anniversary. While I loved Sho's spread and poster, I think I might like Nino's better. Sigh. I'm kind of sad. While I love them all equally, I love Sho the most. Hahaha. (Everytime I say something like that, I think Animal Farm - "All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others." I know it's about Communism and everything, blah, blah, blah, but yeah... hahaha... anywaaaaay...) Like, Iike the spreads, but I wish they had Sho not asleep in his. I mean, I have no complaints, I just wished that it was more... well - eyes open? I dunno. Whatever. I love my Sho poster regardless. Hahaha. XD I don't think I'm going to buy July's Wink Up, because a couple of days ago I went out and got:

I think being back in HK spoils me. There's so much more access to Arashi stuff! Hahaha. I should find a hobby or something. At the moment, most of my friends aren't back from the UK yet, so haven't had the chance to meet up with anyone. But anyway, hoping to watch new things, if not now, later. So if anyone has any good recs, pray tell. =)

Anyway, going to go watch the Roland Garros Finals (except it's sad because Nadal was beat by Soderling, who I am convinced is on drugs). Have a great weekend everyone! =D GAME 2 of the NBA FINALS ON THE NIGHT OF THE 7TH! GO MAGIC!!!

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29 May 2009 @ 03:23 am
Yes, I've managed to churn out yet another layout. =D I've decided to not go with the "layout master post", because, well I don't like updating it, so rather, I'm just going to put them all under a layout tag, which makes more sense to me.

I'm pretty proud of this one, haha. Took me a while, but I did it! Wee*. There were quite a few bumps a long the way, considering my CSS skills are still not that great, so needed to look up loads of tutorials, and I'm very thankful to minty-peach's designs, since without the base, I would've been rendered hopeless. ><" I think the journal's best viewed on a 1280x800 screen, which is mine. Bigger'd probably be okay too. But whatever, I'm too lazy to do much about it, unfortunately. =( I do apologize!

But yeah - it's yet another Sakurai Sho layout. Surprise, surprise. I originally wanted to make a The Quiz Show (the awesome drama starring Sho) layout, but couldn't find a picture I really wanted to use. Afterwards, I contemplated making a Ashita no Kioku layout, but then that didn't pan out either. And then I stumbled onto this little gem, and was like - YEP, THAT'S IT. ME USE! I'm a wee bit sad that this layout looks better than my graphics journal, considering... you know, that's my graphics journal. ><" Heh, but whatever, I shall tweak that one later.

Anyway, here's the layout info. =)

to the logging and the sourcing!Collapse )

Anyway, I'll probably be updating with a Ashita no Kioku post soon! =) Keep a lookout - this is going to be an Arashi filled summer! (Oh and sports posts are probably coming soon too, hehehe. XD)
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24 May 2009 @ 03:40 am
Hello people! =D

I don't know what to do, I'm wondering whether or not I should keep with just one journal, and not separate my icon/graphics journal (lostsock_icons) with my personal blogging journal. The thing is, I'm quite slow at updating my graphics journal, because I take forever making new batches of things, and I don't like to post until I have like 20+ icons. Haha. Which is kind of terrible, because it takes me forever to make them (not that I'm particularly lazy, but I'm just extremely picky). And at the same time, I don't blog very often, because I'm a lazy bum and don't have that many friends. So if i combined them, it'd be better, no? Though I don't want to have to re-do lots of housekeeping stuff (tags, layouts, etc.) So I don't know what to do. I guess I could just stop being such a lazy bum and start writing more here? Heh. I guess that would solve my problem. Yeah, okay - I'll do that.

HAHAHA. Great... that was a completely pointless post. ><"

But okay - I guess I'll write something with a little more content.

I MADE MY FIRST ARASHI PURCHASE TODAY! (I know most people on my friends list aren't Arashi fangirls... hmn, maybe I'll do a pimp post some time!) Anyhoo, FIRST PURCHASE. Okay, it wasn't like an album or anything, because I have no money and it is much more difficult to find their stuff in HK than I had originally imagined. BUT - I BOUGHT THE JUNE EDITION OF WINK UP! =D


Hehe - and Sho was on the cover (and there was a Sho poster, how could I possibly resist?!) The pictures inside are so pretty. I felt so good after buying it. Hahaha. That's bad, right? Feeling good after having bought something? That means I'll continuously want to buy more. ><" I should wait until I have a steady income to do that. I've already told myself, that when I do have a steady income, I'll portion off a bit for Arashi stuff. Hahaha. Rather than putting 10% into a savings account, it's 10% towards Arashi. XD Sigh - I'm so screwed. But no no, I'll manage everything properly. I swear! I do want to buy Crazy Moon, though! I don't know what to do. I think I can still order it here from HMV (it's not sold out, like in most other places). I could wait until it becomes cheaper too - but CAN I WAIT? Also WHICH VERSION DO I WANT?! The NORMAL one, with the stickers (that apparently Sho was giggling at), or the one with the CRAZY MOON PV? OR THE ONE WITH THE AISHITA NO KIOKU PV? (Ohno paints a really pretty tree in that one!) Heee*. I dunno - DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS! I must calm self. Somehow. Heh.

But oh yeah, just saw a Mago Mago Arashi episode which I hadn't seen before. It was so cute! Filled with Ohmiya, Sakumoto and Sakuraiba! The talk at the end of MMA #73 was absolutely adorable. Basically, they were asked if they were girls, which of the other members would they want to go out on a date with.

Ohno - wants to go to a deserted island with Nino [apparently he'd been saying for a month now, according to Sho, hehe]
Sho - stating that it was relatively conventional and practically a given [heehee], to the zoo with Aiba
Matsujun - to a live concert with Sho! =D Where he then went on to describe how he wanted to grab the girl's hands if she started crying at the concert or something, which led to Sho's girly scream and Nino confirming his island date with Ohno, heee. XD


capped from MMA #73 (video from taijiprojectsub)

Hehehe. Sigh. I want to keep rambling, I do. Hee* But I shall leave it for next time. Because I think I've found one of my favorite Arashi performances. Hee* But will leave that for later, in case I change my mind.

Till next time. Heeee* =D

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20 April 2009 @ 10:31 pm
Okay, I've finally given in, and upgraded to a plus account, and switched to an S2 layout format for this livejournal. It really doesn't compare to what I did for my icon journal. I just didn't feel that it was time to get rid of Sho, and I'm too tired to actually design a new thing altogether. Therefore, this is what we've ended up with. Sigh. Pathetic, I know. Anyway, regardless, it's a revamped version - new credits to be named, so please check out the updated layout archive post for that. Thanks! =)

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26 March 2009 @ 07:14 am

Okay - I know I had just changed my layout. But here is another change. Wakakakaka. I have a research paper due - that's probably why I'm procrastinating so much. I don't know what's wrong with this layout, but I feel there's something very wrong with it. So if someone can point it out, it'd be really brilliant. Haha. ><"

Also - going to just keep track of my layouts here. I guess - I should have a new post, but I'm not bothered. I'll fix it later if I want to.

It's sad, I didn't cap the one before the one I had changed... (like before the first Sakurai Sho one). I'll start that as version 1 though, since it's the first time I'm documenting it. But anyway, here it is. =) The Archive! Weeee* It's mainly for my own benefit, because seriously, no one cares. Hahaha.

Layouts! =)Collapse )
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22 March 2009 @ 06:26 pm
Okay - I know, I know, no one cares anymore. But I have a new layout! Wahahaha. Even though the last time I updated was like, 2 years ago. I can't even remember. But at the moment, the Japanese band Arashi has totally taken me over. My life is slowly going down the drain as I am being completely and utterly obsessed. Sigh. Hence new layout. (It also means I'm neglecting to do my two research papers due in next week, in which I am extremely screwed for, without a doubt. I'm not sure if it was worth it yet. We'll find out soon enough. ><" Sigh.

For the time being - this will be my layout. I'm not quite happy with it, though. So it'll be tweaked soon enough (or completely changed, depending on my mood. Anyway, till then.
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01 August 2007 @ 06:55 am
After not having been on livejournal for about a year - decided it might be time to add a little something. Haha. XD

Anyway - been busy with university. Then summer course. So that's about all that's been going on in the short version. I have been keeping up with my television though. (Except I haven't watched the ends of any of the seasons, so no one spoil! Though that's very unlikely, considering the lack of friends I have on my list.)

But yay! Finished reading HPDH. That was - well won't say anything in case people haven't finished reading (and I'm too lazy to cut at the moment. ><") So yeah!

New Rupert/Emma layout. I do admit, I didn't spend that much time on it, and even less time revamping the layout itself. (So just the header and the link colors changed.) Because I'm probably the laziest person ever. And I've been away from HTML so long that I doubt I can do anything without completely screwing with my layout (even though it is extremely easy, I know).

But yay! Things done! Me happy! Hahaha.
20 November 2006 @ 09:14 am
I actually have not died and dropped off the face of the earth.

I'm extremely hungry at the moment. But that's okay.

Anyway - what's new.

1. I'm no longer in Hong Kong. Moved to Canada for University. At University of Toronto at the moment.
2. Still hungry. (So I guess not so new.)
3. Saw the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale yesterday night. It was brilliant. I was all like - "Ewwww. Daniel Craig is not James Bond!" at the beginning. Well - I was very, very, very wrong. He's an awesome Bond. (Okay, his head seemed a little small for the rest of his body, but other than that. AWESOME!) - I did however have the urge to pet him. Hahahahaha. I guess that's not what Bond's really meant to be. But I'm strange and weird.
4. I have not given up on my tv. Muahaha. Now better access too, since in Canada! House, CSI (x3), VMars, Grey's Anatomy are all going strong. Dropped Prison Break and Lost.
5. I'M IN UNI! Hahahahaha. I didn't think I'd make it really. Now I'm just happy. Hahaha.

So yes. That's what's new. So not dead. That's a *yay*! But otherwise. That's it from me! Must get food.

Sigh. Hahaha.
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[music| The Oldies Show on the Radio! I love Oldies! =)]


So many sports sports sports! Hahahaha. Okay, see - my television shows are like, all over (I still haven't seen the last few episodes of Prison Break and Lost though), I have resulted to sports. That's on TV too! Hahahaha. =) So lovely. Okay. First of all.

NBA Finals: Mavs VS Heat (Game 1)Collapse )

Ah and now - the French Open! Hee*

I'd never actually been that into tennis until one night, I saw the French Open on television. What I saw... was him:

Rafael Nadal

Go Rafa!
Hot? I think so. Hahahaha. He's 20. Spanish. Tennis player. Really hot. Do I need to say more? really? Hahahaha.

See, and then after that, I became obsessed.

More Rafa goodness!!!Collapse )

Anyway - I REALLY should be revising for my three days of exams coming up (which consits of like, six exams... -_________-" in which I haven't revised for at all) and getting ready for the Nadal vs Ljubicic tennis match. Hahahaha. Must be pumped up! Wooo! Hahahaha.

So I'll go and do that. Hee. =)