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06 July 2009 @ 10:32 am
Deathglare!Sho. =D  
You know how I was ranting about not being able to find Deathglare!Sho? Well, I found it. And bought it. Wahahaha. I'm so happy! My brother also went to some random store, and bought me some other Sho pictures. =D Ooooh, also, for YesAsia, because we're in zone 1 or whatever, we have free express shipping too (which I didn't know about, since I normally don't buy things online). However, I bought All The Best! - Arashi! Their 10th anniversary singles collection! It should get here within 2 days of it coming out. I love Hong Kong! Hehe. (And I got in and preordered it on the 2nd wave, so it wasn't as expensive as it is now. The first wave at YesAsia was USD48 something. Then my batch was USD51 something, and then after that it was USD59.59. Don't know if it went up any higher after that. So Yar!)

But anyway, yes, July Duet!!!!:

Okay, he's not so deathglare-ish on the cover, and is quite smiley, meh. Oh well, it's the inside spread, it really is. Haha. XD

I know, I know, my camera hates me, but I just wanted to include at least ONE deathglare!Sho picture, since I've been raving about it. Heh. XD

Now I get to go and worry about course registration for my last year of university. I'm so pissed off, everything I want to take is either not offered, or clashes with something else I want to take. It's so frustrating. AND on top of which, the course registration site is not working because too many people are accessing it. And the ONE TIME it worked, I forgot I had the window open, so of course, I get signed out. I'm not a very happy camper. 

*looks at Sho*

Okay, a little better now. XD I'm hopeless. Hehe. Sigh, and I'll be updating my icon journal soon, but not that soon, because I'm a lazy bum. =D

Current Music: Arashi 嵐 - Silver Ring
.flumpitt on July 7th, 2009 01:20 am (UTC)
Heh, that's funny, I've recently become very obsessed with yesstyle.com, which is sort of a sister-tye-site of YesAsia, I think? haha. So many pretty pretty clothes. If only I had money. :P

AUUUGH. Courses. AUUUUGH. I'm still technically a third year (by one course. GRR) so I'm next week and UGH. I haven't even begun to figure out my schedule.

HI KAREN! *hug*