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28 May 2010 @ 12:16 pm
AU is Amazing!  
It's true - AU is amazing.

It's like they know how to bring out the Arashi-ness in Arashi. I cannot WAIT till the backwards commercials. Have you all SEEN the news shows for the SHOxJUN AU commercial?! The Sakumoto fangirl in me went bonkers. I started squeeing so loud when I saw. I can't wait to see the final product! Hahaha.

The two of them are so adorable together! Hehe. XD It also seems like they're having a lot of fun while filming. That makes me happy. Heh. It's just you rarely see the ShoXJun pairing, and the rarer it is, the more I want to see it! I think the two of them are so pretty together! Plus they're uber cute. Don't get me wrong. You could put any mishmash of Arashi members together and I'd eat them up. Haha. But these two are just... well I love them together! Can't wait to see the final CM! 

Also, I'm sure that everyone's also seen/heard this:

I was so confused when I first saw it. But it wasn't until my friend pointed out to me how dirty this video sounded! Haha. I'm sure it won't sound as dirty played forward. Heh. It just amuses me. XD

Anyway, reaally needed to make this post... gonna go watch Nino's awkward/nervous laugh on MMA afterwards to make myself feel better since the Suns lost to the Lakers by TWO points... TWO, in the last THREE  seconds of the game. I'm really upset right now. SIGH. I hope they can bounce back and win game 6!!! They REALLY need to. I don't want the Lakers OR Boston to win the finals... except that's probably how it's gonna go. =(


Oh and Steve Nash - because it's not Suns without Nash.

Yes - and also Amare Stoudemire!