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24 December 2009 @ 02:37 am
Wow. Finally!  
Okay, yes, this is in reference to a number of things. One of which is me updating again. Since - October. I know there were a lot of things I was gonna do, and say (i.e. post the pictures of Halloween, where my friend and I dressed up as Ohmiya, and other things. Ah you know what? I might as well do it now. Hahahaha!)

Event of October - OHMIYA. XD

Okay. First, I hope my friend doesn't MURDER me for posting this. That's the main thing. Then - I know it's Christmas, and I'm posting HALLOWEEN photos. I know that's a bit weirdo. But I'll just postpone ALL my holidays. Heh. I also know that our costumes weren't to the letter. The socks, the clothes, the feather were either wrong or not there. I get it! Haha. It was so last minute that we were unable to find a lot of things - a lot of things we thought would be easily findable in Toronto! But we did make the Bazooka though! Hehe. The lettering on the side "大宮SK" especially the 宮 was so hard to cut out. (I know they didn't have that written on their bazooka, but we had extra shiny stuff from the SK on our shirts, so we decided to do that. Hehe.

Event of November - OHNO'S BIRTHDAY!
I don't actually remember November that well. Oh, my birthday was at the beginning of that month, and then mid-terms and finals poured through till the beginning of December. So you can imagine why that has been repressed out of my memory. I never did an "Ohno birthday post". That's because the week of his birthday I had lots of work to do. Plus, those only really benefit fans - and I don't have many Arashi fans on my f-list. Also, I'm too lazy to put together a full on pimp-post. So I guess I'll mini it up a little now. Hehe.


First a belated birthday gift from his Nino. =) Hehe.

Then an overdue birthday hug from Sho! (YAMA LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And of course, a little birthday dinner w/ Aiba. Since it's practically Aiba's birthday already, Ohno decides that the focus should shift to the soon to be birthday boy, and spoils our Masaki and feeds him loads!

After dinner, a little complimentary birthday.. erm HAIR WASH AND SCALP MASSAGE FROM JUN! (which may be a little questionable, hehe. At least he isn't being tortured by Sho and Aiba (with love of course), like Nino. XD (Haha, I was lacking Juntoshi photos. ><", I wonder why. Heh.)

And that concludes November. Hehe.

NB - I found all these pictures on random picspams. I don't know where some of these photos are from, if you want me to take them down because they're yours or give you credit, please message me or leave a comment and I'll do it! =)

Events of December - FINALLY!
Okay - I got my nails done again, w/ Winter-y decor. Hehe. Light blue sparkles as a base fade, with snowflakes on the top! Okay, I'll upload the photos. I seriously am lazy. This is a MASSIVE post. Hahaha. But yes, nails!

I hope you can see it clearly!

I also went out and bought the December edition of Wink Up, even though Popolo and Myojo has already come out with their February editions. Heh. But yay look!

Hehe. I was really happy about this buy! It had the "best of" photos of Arashi in Wink Up. Plus a spread and a double sided poster! The only thing is that I can't choose between which poster I want to use. I love them both so much. Hehe.

Oh and another thing, when I went to the store down the street from my place yesterday, they were playing Arashi!!! To be specific, they played Niji and Hello, Goodbye when I was there. (And then started playing Mandarin songs after. Heh.) But that was the first time when I'd heard anything by them in Hong Kong, this past summer and Christmas! So I was really excited. I also got a new pair of boots yesterday, and a really cute wintery looking top. Haha.


Front and Back!

I KNOW, THAT'S SHO! Hehe. The first thing I did was upload wallpapers (there can be 3 pictures, with 3 screens) on my phone.

OKAY. I think I should go now. It's been a very long post. I hope it works and the pictures don't die, etc. etc.

Oh right but one more thing before I go...

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Hope all your Christmases are awesome (and Arashi filled)! Oh and HAPPY AIBA DAY! =D
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ohsyojdubohsyojdub on December 24th, 2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
Twas nice hearing from you again. :)
Hope you're gonna have a happy holiday. ^^
Don't worry, that's what I did when I got me a new phone, Sho wallpapers are must-haves. LOL