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29 July 2009 @ 05:59 am
I'm quite lazy. Heh. ><"  
It's been another while since my last update. XD I'm kind of bad at keeping up with stuff. I keep saying I'm going to update my icon journal but never get around to it because I'm extremely lazy it seems. ><"

There's been quite a bit that's happened since my last update! Haha. Though I can't remember everything. I guess the key things would be:

1. I got the August issue of Popolo, with a cute Arashi pin-up! =D
2. I got my nails done, for the fun of it. Haha.
3. Typhoon postponed our squidding outing.
4. Went squidding the following week, though.
5. Witnessed a partial solar eclipse from my roof! Haha.
6. Saw Jason Kidd and Ron Artest at APM! (Promotional thing for some new sports brand.)

I have pictures of some of these things! Heh. Strangely enough though, no pictures of the squidding, got too into it, and didn't end up taking out my camera. Haha. XD Also, no Popolo pictures. Too lazy to actually upload and stuff. There was nothing interesting about the typhoon really. (There was hardly any wind or rain in our area. ><") Didn't get great pictures of Artest and Kidd, either, because we got there kind of late. Haha. So okay - only two things have pictures. Haha. ><" Maybe three if you count the Kidd + Artest stuff (though those pictures didn't turn out so well, we should've taken the picture when Ron Artest was actually waving at us, but we took out our camera too slowly. Haha. We yelled his name and he acknowledged us and everything, though!) Regardless, everything was quite interesting! Heh. 

Anyway, here's some stuff =D


^ wanted it to be kind of summery. Haha. Greens and yellows and ladybugs! =D

And this was so awesome:

^ we didn't have any professional equipment or anything, and didn't want to burn our retinas, so we used a stack of old film between our eyes/camera and the sun. =) It was quite awesome. Heh. By the time we got the camera out and stuff, so much of the sun was already uncovered. Haha. 

But yeah - had quite an interesting week... two weeks? Yeah. Oh - my brother also got to see Kobe Bryant too, when he came to Hong Kong. I wanted to go, but couldn't since my brother's part of Hong Kong's Nike Basketball League, and well... I'm not. So he got to go. I like this whole thing with NBA players coming to Hong Kong and all. Haha. =D Makes me happy. They really are tall. Ron Artest was so much fun. Haha. Goofed around with fans and all. Jason Kidd was more solemn. Haha. My brother also got to see (and play ball with) Jason Kopono when he came to HK. =D Last summer, I think. Ah. Very awesome stuff. Heh.

Anyway, I'm off to contemplate about updating my icon journal... something that might not happen for a while. Haha. ><" Wish me luck? Haha.
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.flumpitt on July 30th, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
Really pretty nails Karen! =) Glad your summer's going well. I've started knitting a rediculously hard sweater for my mom's birthday because I think I'm insane. I also made cheesecake. Sigh, I'm so weirdly domestic this summer. XD OH and we're going to get kittens, two of them, either in August or September, so you'll have to come visit when school starts!
Have you seen Harry Potter yet? The four of us went to see it with Andrew. It's sad he's leaving for Ottawa this year.
Blah blah blah, I'm rambling and bored, haha. I should go do something vaguely useful, like...laundry or something. Heh.

Karenwho_lost_sock on August 11th, 2009 03:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks =D Hehe.

Good luck on that sweater. I still can't knit. ><" Cheesecake sounds awesome! I was going to make some, but can't find anywhere to find a pan. Haha. And very cool that you're getting kittens! I'm still afraid of cats. Haha.

And yeah, I saw HP. It was alright - considering I didn't like the book at all. ><"